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“I’d been thinking for a while at creating us a website as I wanted a more of a streamlined way for our customers to place orders, but I didn’t really know where to get started with it. I got in contact with Jodi just as an initial thing not entirely sure what would come of it and within a few days, we sorted a meeting and got chatting through ideas. I had a sort of vibe in mind and things that I definitely wanted to be included. I’m not sure how but she managed to get inside my brain and envision exactly what I wanted (even though I wasn’t entirely sure myself) and I was amazed at well it was put together. The website that Jodi has created for us completely captures who we are as a business and a family, it is full of our quirky personality while also being amazingly easy to navigate for our customers. I feel confident knowing that if somebody who has never been to our shop before goes to our website first, they will grasp immediately who we are - that we are a fun family run business that provides high-quality coffee, cake and food. 


When we officially announced the release of our website we had so many people telling us how in awe they were of it and how good it was. Even now we get rave reviews about how simple it is to navigate our website and what an easy ordering process it is - which was one of the things that were vital for me in our site because if people struggle to order with you they likely won’t come back. 


Jodi has been so helpful throughout the creating of the site and now during the running of it. She spent a lot of time with me initially making sure I felt comfortable running it and adjusting things and has since been available any time I’ve had queries or struggled to sort something. The main thing that has amazed me is that in the almost year that we’ve had our site we’ve never had any issues with it going down or not processing somebody’s order which if I’m being honest I expected to happen after hearing so many people say how difficult websites are to keep running. 


I would highly recommend getting in contact with Jodi if you’re looking at getting a website made as I feel confident she’ll create something that will blow your mind”


- Jimmy Piggs


"This has got to be my favourite page, it’s absolutely breath-taking. It made my heart leap, I had tears in my eyes. Absolutely glorious.

My coach says she “literally stepped back and went, wow, that’s great”. Awesome"

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“It was a pleasure to work with jodi and The Maded team. They created a website for our furniture store Crew and Class. The service was excellent from start to finish, and was very personal and tailored to our business. Jodi was very meticulous in setting the right theme for our site, using colours that represented the feel and look we want our customers to experience from the website.


Thanks again, you guys are top. 😊”

- Crew & Class

 "Jodi absolutely exceeded our expectations.  The choir are so grateful for a job well done!


The following words come to mind when I think about our experience working with Jodi: Passionate, talented, knowledgeable, creative, courteous, calm, inspiring and patient.


Jodi went above and beyond to ensure that she understood our needs as a gospel choir.  We wanted a modern approach to our branding and a website that looked different from the traditional approach taken by some choirs.  


The attention to detail, the personalised also creative approach taken by Jodi brought our website and other social media platforms to life.  Jodi absolutely captured the essence of the choir.  

Our branding reflects the vibrancy and energy of our gospel choir and that uniformity is translated across all our advertising and marketing tools.


From the training provided the team are now empowered, equipped and enabled to maintain also move forward with our advertising and marketing.


We now have a visually attractive, unique, welcoming, engaging, functional and easy to use the website.


We are now making the right first impressions😊👌


We highly recommend Jodi, thank you for everything."



- The Celebration choir ​​

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