If a pound slips between the cracks, do you notice. How about if your loved one was the one who slipped between the cracks. Would you notice? Everyday thousands of African people in Ukraine slip through the cracks and get no help at all. That's why we're all giving one pound to make sure one less person falls through cracks. Pass the Pound. Donate 1 pound. Today, you can make a difference.

As we watch the war in Ukraine unfold, it's easy to feel helpless. That because we are overseas there isn't much we can do. But what if we all donated the loose change that we leave laying around? That pound that fell behind our sofa? The coins we see sitting around the house? Wouldn't that make a difference?

We have set up a target of £10,000 which we would use to support Africans with food, blankets, and resources. Whilst people are being neglected and discriminated against because of the way they look, we want to come together and remind the world that we see them, and we support them. Every life is valuable, regardless of ethnicity or skin colour. We won't allow anyone else to fall through the cracks and be forgotten about. This is why we want to pass the pound.

Due to Justgivings guidelines, the minimum donation allowed is £2. So let's get creative and give as a solo, in pairs or in our friendships groups. Whatever you can afford!

Please take a picture of your pound and where you found it when you make a contribution. Post your image to Instagram and use the following hashtags!

#africansinukraine #fallingthroughthecracks #passthepound