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Before the Work Starts


The specification is agreed before work on a project starts. This will be determined by the outcome of the Creative Services Capture form being completed found here. A full specification would normally need all website content to be provided and the functionality agreed.


After a specification is agreed, a price and estimated start and completion date will be provided to the client.


Payments and Deposit


After a price is agreed, a 20% deposit will be invoiced; it must be paid and cleared in the MADed bank account before any work starts.


The remaining 80% will be invoiced on completion of the project. The final payment of 80% must be paid within 10 days (as specified on invoices) of the project being complete.  Please note, we apply a £25 late fee to all invoices that are paid outside of the 10 day agreed period.




Completion Date


Every effort will be made to meet the agreed completion date. If for any reason the agreed completion date cannot be met notification will be given in plenty of time and a revised completion date discussed and agreed.

Any requests for extra work or changes to the project must be supplied in writing (for example, by email).

Requests for extra work or changes to the project specification after the specification is agreed, or are requested after the project has started, will affect the agreed completion date and agreed price. Any requests for extra work or changes to the project will be quoted for and, if agreed, will be added to the final balance payment. Any extra revisions will be charged at the MISC PPA rate. 

If for whatever reason, the client would like to move the completion date to an earlier time than agreed, a “Priority Timescale Fee" will apply, although this will be agreed before the expedition of the work.

In addition to testing and checks carried out, it is the client's responsibility to check over the finished project.



WeSIDE & Design handover

Your site will be only be published as live and you will gain access once we have received the full payment for the work outlined. For all other designs, we will remove watermarks and release all content to you once payment terms and conditions are formally accepted. All designs will be owned by MADed Creative until full payment is made, at which point the designs will be released to you to do with as you wish.

Web Hosting Costs

As a service to our clients web hosting can be purchased and paid for by MADed on a client’s behalf.  MADed will source competitive providers annually to ensure best value and functionality.  This is payable yearly in advance or monthly by standing order. You must notify us by email to cancel. No refunds are given if hosting is cancelled. Alternatively, once the initial first year hosting has been set up by MADed, clients may choose to undertake the responsibility of sourcing and managing their own Web Hosting and may do this by informing MADed.



Web hosting accounts will be suspended a week after the invoice is due if payment has not been received. This means that a website won't be visible to visitors. It can be restored on full payment of the invoice.

Domain Names

Domain names are purchased on your behalf and you own the name.


Payment Terms

Payment is expected within 10 days of invoicing (as stated on invoices). 

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