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Brand strategy is all about getting to the heart of who you are, looking at your brand mission statement, unique selling points, your competitors, and analysing your business.

Have you ever had something designed for you and sat there with a cup of tea thinking "I hate that, it's so not me"?


Don't worry, you're like most of the business owners we meet.

This is due to designers not being able to understand who you are, what you do, why you do it and what makes you incredible.

Brand Strategy is something that every business needs before embarking on what could be a stressful and costly venture into commissioning design work. 


Our brand strategists create you a roadmap to success. 


We'll do the thinking, whilst you do what you do best; running a cracking business!



This is all about the looks, the feel and the atmosphere your brand creates in-person and online. 

It's about creating this seamless integration of the physical and the digital where you can sit back as a business owner and think "aah yes, now that is me!"

Think of the Brand Strategy as the movie script whereas the Brand Identity is the movie that the viewers watch and have an emotional connection with.

That being said, in essence, one can't flourish without the other.

Brand identity produces the elements such as logo design, the fonts you use, colour palettes, mood boards, product mockups and so much more! 

If you would like to find out more or set up a free consultation, simply contact us.

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